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These are some of the testimonials, opinions and critics we are constantly receiving.

We have been collecting these amazing reviews on erotic massage since starting our hotel massage out-call service in 2010.

Re-discovering massage

"During the last years the massage quality everywhere has dropped to less and less. Until at some point I felt it was not worth it anymore. Finally I found again this team of excellent masseuses.  All the ladies I tried in Madrid and in Barcelona are just amazing and really excellent. So I love massage again!"


"I couldn't be more satisfied with your service as a whole. From the phone valet to the lady. Excellent! This lady gave me my best massage ever! Really amazing!"

Fair price for excellent quality

"Some services charge about 20 € less than you. The quality difference is huge though! I will stick to your service since I'm very concerned about quality and cleanliness!"

Real pictures

"It is not the usual that the pictures correspond to the real ladies serving you. I was so happy to be served exactly by the lady I chose!"

Amazing intimate massage

"This is the first time I really enjoyed a wonderful intimate massage! You know how to deliver in an elegant yet incredibly spicy way!


"I know she is sometimes not available. She is my favorite and always my first choice. Though I have no problems by meeting the other ladies. All of them are really wonderful"!

Best souvenir

"I bought many souvenirs in Barcelona the last time I visited —4 years ago. What I most fondly remember from my visit is your Tantric massage though. Really amazing and absolutely unforgettable!"

Maximum discretion

"Discretion is extremely relevant to me. Especially when I request a call my hotel room. The lady you sent was great and looking as a regular young lady. Wonderful! The trick you suggested to come in was also very smart."

On time service

"Punctuality matters. I am a British businessman and my day is scheduled ahead of time. You respected my time request. This and your service quality will have me calling you back."

I got what you promised

"I usually feel tricked by this kind of services. You came up with all you promised. Indeed nice looking and sexy lady who performed the most wonderful massage!"

Excellent massage

"Sometimes "massage services" are about other kinds of stuff, which I'm not interested in. The quality of your massage, even being erotic, is excellent!"

Nice couple massage

"My wife and I had an amazingly blissful time with the lady you suggested for a couple sex massage. We really enjoyed it! Congratulations for your excellent service!"

Group massage

"We were a group of 6 friends. Just 4 of us had a massage. The other 2 guys were green of envy as we told them how amazing you were!"



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