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We are honest at each and every point you care about: real pictures, highest quality massage, reliable service, absolute discretion.

Please read these terms about our erotic massage.

These are to guarantee your safety, convenience, satisfaction, respect and anonymity. And also our own safety as female masseuses.

When calling us we assume you have read, understood and agreed the following terms.

Respect us

It is relevant that you respect our limits and preferences. Each and every of us young ladies in our team have our own limits in our private sexual life and also in our professional life. We speak about job here.

Female masseuses are no prostitutes

We all chose to be masseuses —thus no prostitutes. Different words for different jobs. We are not going to change our job today. So don't try to convince us and don't expect a different service. If you prefer escorts please be honest and let us know right from the start.

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No bargaining

We never accept dealing our prices. We offer a premium professional and lush quality service. Please think of yourself and how you'd like to be respected for your own job.

Taxis sometimes included

Taxi expenses are included in all city centers. Exceptions for taxis are airport area hotels or locations outside the city center.

Exceptions are also very late night appointments.

Credit Card payment (Barcelona)

We only accept credit cards if you request it clearly during the reservation process.

This way the lady will bring the Credit Card Terminal.

Please use Visa or MasterCard credit cards.

We accept credit cards only in Barcelona.

Cash payment

In Madrid, Ibiza and Valencia we can only accept cash payments.

500 € notes

If you are using bigger euro notes than the value of the massage service as 200 € or 500 € notes please let us know in advance.

Straight to your room

Premium hotels in Spain allow us to use the elevators and have direct access to your room.

So without ever speaking to hotel lobby staff.

We know all of the 5 star hotels and most of the 4-star hotels.

If the elevator in your hotel needs a key card please let us know so we can meet you at the lobby.

Cancellation terms

If you wish to know our cancellation policies please call us personally.


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