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Sex massage

Sex massage is the hottest kind of erotic massage. It combines the best of two worlds: erotic massage plus sex.

What is sex massage

Sex massage goes beyond the regular "happy ending". In the context of massage the sex massage is strongly focused on satisfying you completely.

Please call us to discuss many other details.

If you are concerned about specific aspects please call us.

Benefits of sex massage

Sex massage will take you to an even higher intensity of sexual excitement. Sex massage is also working on other sexually stimulating body parts as your testicles, nipples and —on request— anal and prostate areas.

Sex massage is including oral stimulation and also more intimate practices.

Even more benefits of sex massage

Sex massage is absolutely safe. Protect your health by avoiding risky practices!

Escorts are practicing all the riskiest stuff several times a day. Masseuses instead are a guarantee of perfect health.

Besides, erotic masseuses master a much wider range of sexual grips. And with us the session times last exactly the time you request!

Happy ending and sex massage

Happy ending is a part of sex massage. Formerly called "lingam massage", the sex massage will provide you with a wonderful and nice body to body experience. Sex massage includes the happy ending not as a hand-job but something you really wish to have!

And much more!

Best sex massage

It's is really hard to find good professionals with the right talents to perform the most satisfying sex massage. Let alone reliable masseuses and excellent sex masseuses.

We are not just good though. We are excellent!

We have done this work for you.

Please call us because not all of us are performing all the way sex massage.

The ones of us serving it are experienced and trained. Yes, we are extremely talented sex masseuses.

Sex massage and orgasm

Your orgasm, climax , release or final shot is included in our service!

Sex massage release

The most intense and satisfying part of sex massage is the final ejaculation. With us you will achieve it.

Using our hands, our mouth and also our boobs!

And even more! Glorious!


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You will be amazed how abundant your semen will be and how deeply relaxed and satisfied you will feel after our sex massage!

Sex massage is capable of providing you with a wonderful release and calming you down from tension, stress and worries.

Quality sex  Massage

Please check the different Massage menus and prices. From affordable happy ending massages to really lush happy ending therapies, from relaxing to extremely erotic.

Sex massage 365 days a year

We can serve you the best sex massage 365 during the whole year in Madrid, Barcelona, Ibiza and Benidorm.

We are also serving in Dubai!

Check other interesting cities!

Summer Sex massage

During the Summer we will also serve you in Ibiza.

We try to stretch the Summer as long as we can. We are serving erotic massage in Ibiza from April to October.



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