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Best quality erotic massage in Spain

Quality guidelines

How many massage services have you met mentioning quality guidelines??

To us the whole service needs to be perfect. We know you will also watch other aspects about our service though.

Massage quality

When we speak about massage we always stress the fact all of our team are professional masseuses. We all have undergone professional training in different sorts of massages. From therapy to tantric. From Oriental to Swedish.

Because we believe erotic massage is much more than some stimulation after a regular massage!

This is why we always speak about "erotic bodywork".

Service description

Respect and honesty should go together! Showing you the respect you deserve is also about telling you the truth.

 ETA is a relevant information. You have your own agenda and we always try to fit in following your preferences!

This is why we also focus on punctuality!

We know sometimes it sounds like a long wait. Especially if you are requesting a very specific lady. But we won't fool you with the typical "yes, in 10 minutes".

True pictures

Sometimes customers ask s for "the real pictures". Well, all those published on this website are our true photos!

Choose one lady and she will be knocking at your door! Personally.

We respect your decisions. If your choice is not available for a specific timing we will discuss other options.

Facial beauty —sexy body!

As you already guessed, awful ladies don't even have a chance! It sounds unfair and maybe cruel, but that's how the market and our industry works.

Everybody prefers a lady with a nice face and a very sexy body.

No surprise, our job is about beauty and pleasure!

All the ladies in our team, whether showing their faces or not, are gorgeous! We have recurring customers who proof this and all our other quality guidelines!

Fair prices

We serve more than 25 massages a day. This is a proof our prices are fair. The  majority of our customers are used to even pricier services.

Though we want to keep it reasonable!

Quality is a fact with us

We are aware there are low cost services out there. With us you know the highest quality is not just a goal but a real fact. So allow us to leave those lower fares for other gentlemen who trust low digits instead of quality. It's their genuine choice!

Elegant and professional

We are a team of professional masseuses. We also speak foreign languages. Besides English, also Arabic, French, Russian, Ukrainian and Italian —depending on the lady!

We don't dress nor act like escorts! We value discretion and we respect your public profile.

Lawful Company

Our company owns a registered Trademark. We have an Accountants team, a Lawyers team and also a Marketing team.

We are fully insured. Because safety, quality and reliability really matter to us!

We pay taxes and Social Security.

If you have any question regarding our quality guidelines please contact us!


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We can serve you the best sex massage 365 during the whole year in Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia.

Summer Sex massage

During the Summer we will also serve you in Ibiza.



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