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Erotic massage for couples

massage for Couples

There is a specific massage therapy for couples.

Because more and more couples are sharing their sensual moments.

The benefits of massages for couples

 There are many benefits in trying this amazing new experience. Well, it's not new to everybody anymore! Your best friends might have had it even though you still don't know it!

Explore complicity: you and your significant half might discover new boundaries in sensual skin contact.

Learn intimate touching: your therapists will tech you new tricks.

Enjoy a different approach: visual excitement by discovering a new angle.

Your fantasies come true: finally!

Or just because you are used to share your spouse. You already know this is a very hot experience. Pleasure in its maximum expression!

Relaxing massage for couples

60 minutes Relaxing: 300 €
90 minutes: Relaxing 450 €

This is the ideal therapy to discover a very calm and spiritual massage experience. With a female and a male masseur.

Extremely Erotic massage for couples

60 minutes: 460 €
75 minutes: 560 €
90 minutes: 660 €
120 minutes: 920 €

"Inter-action" means you are allowed to touch back your masseur. This is the hottest experience you can choose! Ideal to discover the most carnal and engaging tantric massage experience! With both a female and a male masseur.

Instead of a male and a female you can also order two female masseuses or two male masseurs.

We always adapt to your preferences.

Massages for couples in Barcelona

Eva and Mike are the most expert tantric masseurs serving couples together. They deliver the nicest experiences for couples! Available both for in-call and out-call!

Massage for couples in Barcelona

Massages for couples in Madrid

Lolita and Sebastian are extremely hot masseurs! The also master tantric sessions in Madrid. Trust them to have an amazing and revealing experience!

Lolita and Danuta master this amazing lesbian massage! Ideal for married bisexual ladies!


Massages for couples in Ibiza

Camilla and Lidia work together with several male masseurs in Ibiza. This is the perfect time and place!


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