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Erotic lesbian massage

Lesbian massage

There are two relevant reasons for us to include this special service!

Most of us female masseuses like to serve women! Yes, call us bisexual or open minded, whatever you prefer!

The second reason is that more and more ladies are willing to make come true their most intimate fantasies!

Even married ladies who don't see themselves as bisexual want to experience this.

And in our opinion this is a perfectly legitimate desire! So live it up with us!

Lesbian massage in Ibiza

Ibiza is hosting more and more lesbian tourists. However, alone as single ladies or as married couples, women also have the right to enjoy the hottest erotic bodywork!

Try Camilla, Luna or Denise! They are absolutely amazing!

Lesbian massage in Barcelona

Barcelona is one of the most openin-minded LGBT cities in th world. Not only tourism but also exposition and congresses gather people coming from the whole world. So we are used to diversity and special desires of all kinds!

Lara, Nika, Carmen and Karine are serving ladies! Please call ahead of time to ensure any specific availability!

Lesbian massage in Madrid

Lolita is very passionate and enjoys serving ladies!

She is the best female masseuses in Madrid, not only serving men though!

Trust her and you'll enjoy your best lesbian massage ever!

Lesbian massage in Valencia

Myriam and Carla are an amazing team of erotic masseuses. Both of them are unique, nice and expert beyond limits!!

Lesbian massage prices

The prices for lesbian bodywork are the same as for gentlemen. And you also have the same options. From calm and receiving massage to extremely passionate and mutual action!

We can also serve lesbian couples. Choose between sharing one masseuse or having one for each!

Individual lesbian massage

60 minutes Relaxing: 150 €
60 minutes naked and mutual 230 €
90 minutes naked and mutual 330 €
2 hours naked and mutual 4620 €

Lesbian couples: share one masseuse

60 minutes sharing: 330 €
90 minutes: sharing 460 €
120 minutes: 660 €

One masseuse/masseur for each (total price)

60 minutes: 460 €
75 minutes: 560 €
90 minutes: 660 €
120 minutes: 920 €
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