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Happy ending massage

Almost everybody heard about "happy ending". In the context of massage parlors and as a featured part of an erotic massage.

Though it sounds a bit tacky sometimes, happy ending is a clear concept.

Happy ending Barcelona

There are many massage styles. Therapy massage of all kinds, and also erotic massage of different styles and schools.

What we can offer you is an extremely erotic happy ending massage. But we go further than just performing the hand-job. We perform a full hour erotic massage on your whole body.

Best happy ending massage

Erotic massage involves many a technique and a specific attitude led by the lady performing it for you.

Happy ending Madrid

Erotic massage is a bodywork on your naked body, and for us it includes penis massage, testicle massage, anal massage, prostate —as a choice— and body to body massage.

There some limits to cross though until you can call it "sex massage".

The best way to inquire about it is calling us personally.

Happy ending and orgasm

Concept of happy ending means you will climax and ejaculate. If this is what you want, you'll have it with us!

Some gentlemen choose not to ejaculate, although having an inner orgasm. All personal choices are legitimate to us!

Happy ending release

The final release is a therapy advantage for all kinds of men and all kinds of personal symptoms.

Stress is the most frequent condition and weight men are living under. This is some real suffering. And it needs some professional help as well.

Release and relieve from tension, stress and worries is the most immediate benefit of happy ending massage.

Quality happy ending Massage

Please check the different Massage menus and prices. From affordable happy ending massages to really lush happy ending therapies, from relaxing to extremely erotic.

Happy ending 365 days a year

We can serve you happy ending massage therapies 365 days a year in Madrid, Barcelona, Ibiza and Valencia.

Massage in 2019

During Summer 2019 we will also serve you in Ibiza and Benidorm.


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