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Erotic massage for couples

Couple massage

You have two choices: sharing a masseuse or ordering one for each of you.

For obvious reasons the erotic intensity menu served for couples is the extremely erotic massage therapy.

When sharing one lady for both of you we just charge 1.5 times the value of the therapy instead of 2 times.

To your benefit: there is a very big difference between individual and shared massage.

Sharing one masseuse

60 minutes sharing: 330 €
90 minutes: sharing 460 €
120 minutes: 660 €

One masseuse/masseur for each (total price)

60 minutes: 460 €
75 minutes: 560 €
90 minutes: 660 €
120 minutes: 920 €

If you wish one lady for each of you the price is twice the value of the individual massage.

You can also ask for a male masseur.

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