Erotic massage in Barcelona

Please choose your preferred lady masseuse in Barcelona. Then choose a massage menu and contact Hotel Massage for phone booking, express SMS booking or a days in advance booking per e-mail.

Erotic massage Barcelona

Most of our ladies are Spanish. If you wish to be served by Arabic speaking ladies, Russian, or French, Bulgarian or Romanian please ask us specifically.


Angela is back!

Though for a limited time!

She is always this lady with the sweetest voice and the most tender touch.

Angela is extremely proficient in all sorts of erotic Tantric massages. These are the "red Tantra" experiences.

Don't mis this unique chance during August 2018!

Red Tantra massage Barcelona
Barcelona Hotel massage Helena


The calm, smiling and moderate girl will get to the hearts of her guest with all her loveliness and enchanting style while she'll present elevating moments of pleasure and relaxation.

In her hands you can have a devoted massage with abandoned relaxation.

Refresh yourself by her wonderful touch. What can be more pleasant?

Barcelona sex massage Hotel


She looks so candid and peaceful... and she is a real shy character. But Lara is hiding an amazingly sexy and expert young masseuse.

So trust her girlish expertise and dive into a world of new discovering.

Also available for the 330 € 90 minutes erotic shower.

Barcelona erotic massage in Hotel


Her sexy body will astonish you!

Karina has amazing skills for all massage therapies, from very relaxing to the longest and hottest erotic massage sessions.

Call her to your hotel and you'll enjoy a brand new experience!

Karina is extremely talented for erotic bodywork!

Please be safe and book ahead of time! She is frequently booked out!


Asia chose her name according to her origins. As you can see, she is an amazingly attractive Asian lady.

But there is much more to her! Asia is just fierce!

Her erotic massages goes beyond the limit of extra quality.

All the customers who tried her during the last weeks are absolutely amazed.

Her talent for erotic bodywork flows as natural as her seduction.

We strongly¡y recommend her!

Even though she gets really fast almost everywhere in Barcelona, please make sure to book her ahead of time to ensure her availability!

Asia erotic massage in Hotel
Barcelona high quality erotic massage


If you ever met her you will learn what real eroticism is about!

Valentina has a really amazing body, worth a winning photo!

But her most interesting asset is her expertise in high quality erotic massage.

 her 75 and 90 minutes erotic mass sessions!

Once you start a massage with her you don't want the session to end!

Barcelona sex massage


If you ever met Giselle you almost know what her extremely sexy twin sister looks like!

Marina has some really amazing generous curves.

But her most interesting asset is her expertise in erotic massages of all kinds.

Her erotic shower massage is almost a trademark!

Be safe and order her 75 and 90 minutes erotic mass sessions!

Once you start a massage with her you don't want the session to end!

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